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The one phrase you should not use after you return from Africa

“They are poor but everyone seemed so happy”. I am sure you have heard this statement one too many times.The tourists, study abroad students or visitors to the African continent often come back with great news. “The kids were all…

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I Was Promised Sun and Civil War

Originally posted on Penning from Planes:
Nairobi is cold. I mean, not unreasonably cold, but not exactly what I expected. I come from a land of ice and snow where -30 C temperatures are commonplace and the outdoors can kill…

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How (not) to write about Burundi: A guide for veteran East African journalists

Really, really excellent and heartwarming satire from Burundian poet Ketty Nivyabandi, showing some of the many reasons Burundians have to be proud of their country. And she was writing in her fourth language, no less. Chapeau! The blog “This Burundian … Continue reading

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