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The Failure of the European-Style State and “Development” in Africa

Originally posted on Advokat Dyavola:
“We had escaped a place where evil stared right at you from the sockets of a child’s skull on a battlefield, only to arrive in London, where office workers led lives of such tedium and…

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I Was Promised Sun and Civil War

Originally posted on Penning from Planes:
Nairobi is cold. I mean, not unreasonably cold, but not exactly what I expected. I come from a land of ice and snow where -30 C temperatures are commonplace and the outdoors can kill…

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How to raise sheep, Part 1 of 3 : The Opiate of the Masses

I am in a very cozy little café on a Sunday, early afternoon. Occasionally, amid the soft music and people’s intertwining conversations, a voice from a block away slips through the window, a preacher yelling himself hoarse: “JEEEEEEsussss….” I passed … Continue reading

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