My name is Ruby Irene Pratka and I am a Quebec City-based freelance print and radio journalist. I have worked with CBC Radio’s Quebec AM, CHYZ 94.3 FM, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, Xtra Canada, International Figure Skating Magazine, Life in Quebec Magazine, Impact Campus, Canal Savoir and Les immigrants de la capitale, occasionally with the Montreal Gazette and La Presse. I am a native of the eastern US. I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, European and Russian Studies and French from Carleton University in Ottawa, a certificate in English language teaching to adults from Mint International House in Ljubljana, Slovenia and a master’s degree in public communication from Université Laval in Quebec City. Year of No Fear began as the chronicle of my internship in Burundi, through Carleton University’s Centre for Media and Transitional Societies. That was in 2011. Since then, the blog has kind of taken on a life of its own as life has led me back to Burundi two more times, via Switzerland, France, Rwanda, the Balkans, Belgium, Morocco, Ethiopia, Haiti and Quebec City. I blog about my adventures, my assignments, books, music, languages,interesting people, the state of the world’s journalism and whatever reflections pop into my head. While I wouldn’t dare to directly compare myself to the great Ryszard Kapuscinski, this blog is my Lapidarium, my collection of works and thoughts. You might find news articles, songs, poetry, photos and even the occasional recipe on here. Happy reading!

Je m’appelle Ruby Irène Pratka et je suis diplomée du programme de baccalauréat (licence, pour les européens) à l’Université Carleton à Ottawa et du programme de maitrise en journalisme international de l’Université Laval. Je suis maintenant journaliste pigiste à Québec,principalement dans les médias anglophones (et oui il y en a! 🙂 )je considère que c’est un privilège d’habiter une si belle ville. Cette blogue a commencé au printemps 2011 quand il fallait que j’écrive un chronique regulier sur mon stage au Burundi avec le Centre pour les médias et les sociétés en transition de l’Université Carleton (Ottawa). Depuis, le blogue a pris sa propre vie, pendant que la vie m’a mené deux fois de plus au Burundi, en passant par la Suisse, la Belgique, la France, le Québec, le Rwanda, les Balkans et le Maroc, avec des petits crochets ailleurs en Europe. J’écris sur mes aventures, mon travail, les langues, la musique, l’état de mon métier et un peu de tout ce qui me passe par la tête. Bonne lecture!

12 Responses to About

  1. C’est cool. Je vais le lire. Bonne chance.

  2. Paul Clarke says:

    Wow, very inspiring! I wish you all the best and will be sure to read your blog posts. A year of no fear – great idea!

  3. SinghStyleStudio says:

    Interesting, Keep it Up!

  4. Evans Lyne says:

    You sound like an extraordinarily interesting person. I am thinking about telling my 14 year-old daughter about your blog and your work – she is interested in journalism and international relations. But I think I am fearful she might find your work just a little TOO interesting. I don’t really want her to run off to east Africa just yet!

  5. msmarguerite says:

    Wow! That is probably the most amazing comment I have received to date on this blog…as you can see I had let it get a little dusty, but there’s no better kick in the pants to start devoting time to writing again, than hearing that your writing has had an influence. Would be happy to chat with you or your daughter.

  6. betternotbroken says:

    Bravo! Good luck to you on not one but several years with no fear!

  7. thatssojacob says:

    Hello Ruby! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #9! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging!

  8. Bonjour, je viens d’entendre la fin de votre entrevue à Radio Canada et le sujet de la vie à bord de l’Aquarius a piqué ma curiosité. J’aimerais savoir si un documentaire a déjà été produit ou est en production? C’est un sujet qui me passionne et j’aimerais bien monter un projet de film avec SOS Méditerranée si c’est possible. Merci!

  9. Geoffrey says:

    I just became aware of you. Wow! I wish my French was better.
    Have you done a follow up on the fresh water available to northern native settlements and schools?
    I’m almost seventy male but have two children in grade school. (Obviously married late in life) and am maybe wrongly, concerned that we collect money for a lot of out of CANADA projects but forget our own people’s in the province we live in? My girls like to give to others, so I suggested a water project. Thus I’d like to find a school/community needing help? Your article and any new imformation would be helpful. Thanks salut’

    • msmarguerite says:

      Hi Geoffrey,
      Thanks for getting in touch. I like to think that people help where they can…for example, I used to work in Burundi, and I used to work on the Med. Those are the projects I usually support, because I know where the needs are and I know efficient people on the ground who will see to those needs. I entirely agree that the boil-water advisories on Northern reserves, which I’ve covered a few times as a journalist although I’m still waiting for the opportunity to travel there myself, are absolutely unacceptable. I will ask around and see if anyone is collecting money or supplies to send up that way, and I’ll be happy to make an addendum to this post when I find something.

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