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La vie LGBTI améliore au Cameroun homophobe

Originally posted on 76 Crimes en français:
Les données recueillies par l’association militante CAMFAIDS montre une baisse dans les poursuites, les affaires jugées, et les condamnations des personnes LGBTI à Yaoundé, au Cameroun, en 2013 et encore en 2014. (Graphique…

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Un article sur le Burundi par des gens qui ont tout compris

Est-ce que vous voulez comprendre mieux ce qui se passe au Burundi, ce pays à propos duquel j’écris sans cesse? Alors lisez cet article, par deux analystes français qui ont vécu une grande partie de son histoire recent.

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‘Qu’est-ce que tu deviens?’

My apologies for the lack of an update; I have been dealing with some technical difficulties lately… The war drags on. I will post a few relevant articles if you would like to read about it from other perspectives than … Continue reading

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Independence Day in wartime

July 1– Burundian Independence Day. 53 years of sovereignty. But what is there to celebrate? This time two years ago I was in Bujumbura, standing in the baking heat with Paul and a Burundian colleague, who I’ll call Léonard. It … Continue reading

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Nicholas Winton 1909-2015

It’s a celebratory time of the year here in Quebec City, especially in my world. June 24 was Quebec’s Fête Nationale, today (July 1) is Canada Day and also Rwandan and Burundian independence day (I’ll get to that), Friday is City … Continue reading

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