The 10-day good news challenge

It doesn’t take a depressive episode these days to realize that the world is screwed up. If I was writing this post in French I would use the words bâclé, foiré, mêlé, magané, fucké, bousillé, à l’envers. Economic inequality at its highest level yet according to some calculations, babies (who committed the grave crime of being born in the wrong country) missing out on vaccinations because of cost considerations, asylum seekers whose claims have not even been evaluated being treated like subhumans, religious dogma continuing to cost lives, people too preoccupied by finding enough to eat to fight for a better life, bloody conflicts rolling on far from the spotlight in West Africa, Central African Republic, Congo, Syria… economic austerity, services to rural areas slashed, cynical populist manipulation,  friends of mine with full-time jobs losing them left right and center through no fault of their own…it’s enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and hide.

I’ve created a challenge for my fellow news geeks and observant world-events watchers (and, why not, journalists). Find something positive in the world every day. Someone who does something nice for someone else, finds something thought lost, rebuilds a life or simply shows courage and resilience in the face 0f this avalanche of  shit raining down on us from all directions.

The goal of the 10-day good news challenge is not to deny or paper over the horrible, painful and all-too-real things going on in the world. That would be unfair to those living through them. The goal is to reach inside these events and find sincerity and human warmth. The world is scary but within it are good people doing good things.  As Ryszard Kapuscinski (who would know) once wrote: “There is so much crap in this world, and then suddenly there is honesty and humanity.”

I’ll go first:

Chinese driver donates stem cells to UK boy

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Young Quebec City-based freelance journalist. once and future nomad. I blog about life, about travel, about things I notice and every so often about work. I enjoy language learning, singing, swing dancing, skating and...other stuff, sometimes. My heart is somewhere in East Africa, Haiti or Eastern Europe. English, français, русский, malo slovensko, un poco de espanol, um pouco de português ndiga ikirundi, mwen ap aprann kreyòl...
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2 Responses to The 10-day good news challenge

  1. Denis LeBlanc says:

    yes, msmarguerite, we must try – thanks for the article on the selfless stem cell donor.

    Today, I wrote this good e-news article:

    And, I will try my best to find some good news every day to post on my Facebook page (despite having to wade through all the crap.)

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