End of an era (?)

Well, that’s it.

Spring has finally sprung in this town. The snow has all melted, even the biggest, ugliest gray lumps. Ducks are swimming in the meltwater ponds that have replaced the four-foot-high snow clods. We went from no flowers at all to crocuses to tulips in the matter of two weeks, if that. The other day, I overheard some people complaining about the sudden heat. The trees have started to bud, which is great, because when my father comes up for my graduation, I will not have to hear him grumble: “It’s the middle of JUNE and the trees are still BROWN. How CAN you people live like this?”

Oh, did I mention I’m graduating?

Yep. I submitted 46 pages of semi-coherent discussion of recent Burundian history,the Burundian media, peace journalism theory, and how peace journalism theory played into the redevelopment of Burundian history. Beautifully bound and covered in triplicate at my own expense. If you would like to see it, write in the comments and I will email you a copy. It is in French.

Despite the uncountable number of rereads, there are still a few typos in there. I am not sure how much they factored into my grade, or how much impact my relative lack of interest in theory affected the decision of my theory-loving research supervisor. But…I got a B+! A passing grade, and a solid pass at that!

Which, in practice, means my academic career is over. All the blood, sweat, tears, panic, dozens of books and chapters and articles read during sleepless nights (and I pulled two full all-nighters dealing with this thing– not consecutive all-nighters, thank heavens, although I did have to do that once in undergrad) were worth it. When I wasn’t actually reading, writing or formatting this thing, I could be found on Facebook, messaging my poor friends and saying things like, “I might not graduate, oh the shame of it!!” Thank you to those people who screwed my head back on straight. You know who you are.

On Tuesday, I start work as a part-time researcher for CBC Radio. Considering the recent budget cuts I may be able to count my shifts for the whole summer on the fingers of two hands, but you have to start somewhere. For the time being, I’m also continuing with my current community newspaper work and contributing to three magazines. At least I’m not swimming around aimlessly looking for a job, or having to do irrelevant work (call centres, retail, teaching). Of course it would have been fantastic if I’d landed a full-time, steady job right off the bat. But that, I’m increasingly coming to believe, is not really the way it works anymore in our industry. At least not at the beginning.

More reflective stuff to come…for now, feast your eyes on the done-ness… 🙂

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Young Quebec City-based freelance journalist. once and future nomad. I blog about life, about travel, about things I notice and every so often about work. I enjoy language learning, singing, swing dancing, skating and...other stuff, sometimes. My heart is somewhere in East Africa, Haiti or Eastern Europe. English, français, русский, malo slovensko, un poco de espanol, um pouco de português ndiga ikirundi, mwen ap aprann kreyòl...
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