De-Lurking Day!

A friend of mine, who has a popular blog about diversity in Canadian academia (focusing on gender and disability issues), had everything you could want on a blog. Thought-provoking content that fills a niche, a small army of guest contributors, and hundreds of hits a day. Everything you could want, that is, except an active WP comments section. Every morning she would check her stats and find scads of new unique visitors from all over the English-speaking world. But all of these readers would pass like ships in the night– there were hardly any comments! So she had a great idea, which I’m reproducing here. Let’s have a DE-LURKING DAY! I politely request, dear readers, that if you pass by in the next day or two, you leave a short word in the comments field. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do? How did you find this blog? What do you like to read on it, and what d you wish I did more of? A sort of informal reader survey…party in the comments!

Une amie à moi, qui a un blogue très fréquentée sur la diversité (surtout au niveau de handicap et d’identité de genre) dans des milieux académiques au Canada, avait tout ce qu’une blogueuse aurait pu souhaiter. Des contenus intéressants, des contributions fortes des écrivains “invités spéciaux”, et des centaines de visiteurs uniques. Tout ce qu’une blogueuse aurait pu souhaiter, sauf un champ de commentaires actifs. Elle consulterait les statistiques en se disant, “Mais…qui me lit? Des lecteurs invisibles?”
Inspirée par elle, j’ai décidé moi aussi de lancer une campagne de de-invisibilisation des lecteurs! Dans les commentaires, je vous invite à poster quelque chose à propos de vous-mêmes. Qui êtes-vous? Comment vous m’avez trouvé? Qu’est-ce que vous aimez à propos de ce blogue et qu’est-ce que vous aimeriez voir plus souvent?
C’est la fêêête dans le champ des commentaires!


Hey folks!

uni(di)versity has been up and running for almost two and a half months now. We’ve had visitors from nearly 70 countries, and we’ve been privileged to host some amazing writing from some fantastic contributors.

Caitlin and I, your friendly behind-the-scenes blog-runners, are especially lucky. We get to chat with our brilliant contributors on a regular basis, solicit new writing, and read the emails folks send in. But we want to get to know you, our marvelous readers, a little bit better.

Therefore, we’re declaring today to be our first-ever De-Lurking Day! Come hang out in the comments and let us know a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How did you find us? What’s a fun fact about you?

See y’all in the comments!

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