Short ode to my Laval radio & roadtrip teammates

(Euff…c’est tout simplement sorti de ma tête en anglais, je n’y peux grand chose 🙂 )

We laugh together, we cry together, we bitch together. We cover great distances to have dinner and drinks together. Blizzards, hurricanes, rude studio supervisors and strange, conspiracy-theorist housekeepers are no match for us. Sometimes (let’s be honest) we get on each other’s damn nerves, but mutual respect is the glue that holds us together. We make memories for a lifetime (when we don’t make “trous de mémoire.”) We sleep five to a room in a room built for two–without it being awkward. We spend weeks planning to get together, come home exhausted and start planning all over again. This must be what it’s like to have brothers and sisters? After radio studios, ski slopes and pissing sculptures, les pleurs et les “fous rires,” where will the road take us next?



About msmarguerite

Young Quebec City-based freelance journalist. once and future nomad. I blog about life, about travel, about things I notice and every so often about work. I enjoy language learning, singing, swing dancing, skating and...other stuff, sometimes. My heart is somewhere in East Africa, Haiti or Eastern Europe. English, français, русский, malo slovensko, un poco de espanol, um pouco de português ndiga ikirundi, mwen ap aprann kreyòl...
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